Sunday, March 2, 2008

Health Check List

The typical modern diet is missing important foods that kept our ancestors healthy and instead is loaded with highly processed fake foods that are low in nutrients and high in additives that are not good for health. Also, modern lifestyles are often stressful and sedentary. Together, poor diet and lifestyle choices are largely responsible for declining health and quality of life in the modern world.

What can we do to improve our health?

1) Include animal seafoods and/or organ meats and/or raw dairy
(from Weston A Price study of most healthful native diets)

2) Eliminate refined sugar and minimize sweets
(keep total sugars to less than 5-10% of calories)
and if overweight, minimize starchy foods as well
(keep total carbohydrates to less than 10-20% of calories)

3) Eliminate artificial trans-fats (hydrogenated oils and fats)

4) Restrict polyunsaturated fats to less than 4% of total calories
and minimize omega-6 polyunsaturated fats

5) Get at least 30 minutes of active exercise daily
(appropriate for your level of conditioning)

6) Learn to avoid and properly handle stress
(relaxation, meditation, EFT, diet, exercise)

7) Get plenty of sleep (ideally 6 to 8 hours)

8) Get plenty of sun if possible
(avoid sunscreen but be careful not to get sunburned)

9) Take good quality high vitamin cod liver oil daily
(if you don't get adequate sun, seafood, and liver)

10) Include cultured and fermented foods and beverages
(if tolerated)

11) Avoid exposure to harmful chemicals
(artificial food additives, pesticides, natural food toxins,
unfermented soy, drugs, poisons, health care products)

12) Avoid foods that cause noticeable adverse effects
(identify possible food intolerances)

13) Choose fully pastured or wild animal foods
(from a clean environment and include bone broth)

14) Use coconut oil, tallow, and/or butter for cooking

15) Include a variety of plant foods to taste and tolerance
(prepared to optimize nutrient availability,
preferably high brix organic and locally grown)

16) If dairy is consumed, use raw and cultured dairy

17) If grains and nuts are consumed, soak or sprout them

18) Eat at least half of your food uncooked

19) Minimize or eliminate factory processed/packaged fake foods
(supports 2, 3, 4, 10)

20) When eating out, avoid fried foods, dressings, and sweet foods
(supports 2, 3, 4, 10)


Kelly said...


Great post! I especially appreciate the link to the WAP article on high-brix farming. I'd read that article a while ago and was amazed. I'm glad to know it's online now!


Bryan - oz4caster said...

Thanks, Kelly. I'd like to refer everyone who is interested in organ meats to read your post on the subject.

Bryan - oz4caster said...

Here's another good blog post by Ann Marie (Cheeseslave) on Hide the Liver! for those of you wanting to add some liver in your family's diet.

Debs said...

This is a great list. Nice blog!

Food Is Love

Stephanie said...

Thought you might like this:
SSRIs - S.S.R.Lies
By Michael Adams - The Health Ranger

Bryan - oz4caster said...


I agree with Mike Adams on many issues, including saying no to gross abuse of pharmaceutical drugs, GMOs, and fake manufactured foods, and saying yes to real food for health and medicine. However, in the past, he was a big supporter of soy, which I believe is a big mistake, as there is plenty of evidence that soy is not a health food. He also was against raw dairy, which I also believe is a big mistake because many people thrive on raw dairy. He does have a lot of good information and I love his cartoons but I'm not too fond of his singing :)