Monday, February 16, 2009

Pandora's GMO Box

Pandora's GMO box has been opened and is already unleashing a torrent of unnatural and unknown consequences on a largely unsuspecting public and world. The earth has plenty of natural diversity. We don't need to be haphazardly creating new organisms simply because a company can copyright it and claim ownership to force the rest of us to pay for it. Most GMOs are now approved with inadequate testing that does not fully cover potential impacts to the environment and human health. Many approved GMOs have already been shown to cause serious health problems in animal models on further testing. Not very reassuring. Also, most GMOs have been developed to promote business interests and not human health. Why should we be risking human health and the world's environment so that privileged businesses can increase their profits?

Even if we manage to close Pandora's GMO box, GMO pollen has already infected many non-GMO crops. Consequently, much irreparable damage has already been done. But unfortunately, the box is only opening wider. Many more GMO plants and animals are planned for release in the near future. It's time to act and put and end to this travesty.

So what can we do?

Buy Organic

In the United States of Big Business ... err America ... about all we can do immediately is to vote against GMO by buying organic foods. By definition, organic foods are not allowed to have GMO, at least not more than 5% at worst. If enough people switch to organic, businesses will follow the money. The rapidly growing organic market is a good sign, but this approach is not likely to stop the GMO epidemic.


Push government for required labeling of all products that include GMO. Such labeling would allow more consumers to make their economic voice heard.

Change the Law

The best way to end this plague would be to take away the right to patent genetically modified genes, which should have never been allowed in the first place. This action would take away the financial incentives for GMO. Unfortunately, this would probably take an act of Congress.

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Say no to GMO!


Paul Ainsworth Francis aka David Love said...
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Paul Ainsworth Francis aka David Love said...

This is an excellent post; I'm glad that I discovered your blog. The dangers of GMOs include not just biological ones but also economic ones, especially for farmers in the "developing" world. When companies like Monsanto patent and sell seeds that are genetically modified not to reproduce naturally it leads to disastrous consequences for small farmers. Please see Vandana Shiva's Biopiracy for a phenomenal analysis of these issues.
By the way on a business note, I'm trying to sell the domain of one of my websites called Please let me know if you or anyone is interested.
I like the videos/quotes section of your blog too, especially "Imagine" by Lennon and "Soak Up the Sun" by Crow. I have several blogs too, closest to my heart is:

Good luck and Enjoy nirvana,
Paul Ainsworth Francis